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At Positive Life Counselling our professional counsellor can help with all manner of personal problems - anxiety, depression, family and relationship difficulties, stress, and many others. Counselling is a shared, helpful process that sees the counsellor guiding the client towards solutions that have had a negative impact on life. The combined effort brings about answers and techniques to address and triumph over the problem.

Marriage and Relationship Counselling (Gold Coast & Redcliffe)

Positive Life Counselling are experts in helping couples rescue their ailing relationship. With an ever increasing divorce rate impacting upon society, early intervention may be the solution. More often than not a marriage breakdown is a result of poor communication. The role of counselling may resolve other issues such as parenting, controlling partners or simply a place for relationship advice. Marriage counselling may avoid separation and other relationship problems for those related or connected to them. We offer a safe and private environment where one can experience a new hope and happiness for their future. We also welcome individuals when their partner is not ready to take action. Sometimes things start to improve when you start to feel better.

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