Lyn McDonald is a qualified Professional Counsellor, and has been in the positive mental health sector for over 20 years, she started in her own practice back in 2007.

Not all relationships can be saved, however Lyn has enjoyed many success stories seeing couples reignite the flame that was there when they first met. Lyn also provides real practical advice, and as needed will call it straight, there is none of this airy fairy beating around the bush counselling style of probing for information.

It is important to note that one session alone will not solve a life time of problems that said Lyn will fast determine a realistic and pragmatic timeline to improvement. She also encourages you to put into practice what you have learnt. You will be given the tools to implement and identify solutions to rectify issues that are holding your relationship back.

Jason McDonald is a qualified Life Coach under the Certified Coaches Federation. Jason has had a successful corporate career, leading and managing people in some of the biggest global organisations. Jason is pragmatic and a straight shooter. He will help you unlock you purpose or passion with some great tools and advice.


I was wondering why I kept attracting the same type of let’s say politely not nice people in every relationship, Lyn helped me to work on myself, and appreciate the person I am. I have learnt now what I want in my ideal partner, not what I don’t want. I have a 2nd date with a new guy, fingers crossed he is the one. Thanks Lyn for all your support.


Lyn from Positive Life Counselling gets it, apparently more males are seeking marriage counselling off their own bat, more than ever in the past. When someone like Lyn cuts to the chase and gives you real tools to fix issues, you know what choices you have. I’d seen other counsellors and I achieved more in 2 sessions than I did in 6 months with another. I can’t recommend her enough.


I just wanted to say thanks Lyn, you have renewed my hope that my husband & I can make this work, the constructive advice & action you suggested was invaluable. It is like I am starting our relationship again from when we first met. I can’t thank you enough.


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